Come on Wales!

Wales Vs Wallabies 2011

Video clip Score: 5 / five


  1. H4RR15K1D

    I agree i think it would have been better to let´╗┐ o’connor score then atleast we would have had 15 men ­čÖü

  2. Noyeha

    @mungbean74´╗┐ thanks!

  3. Noyeha

    @MGoose66 thanks!´╗┐

  4. MGoose66

    @Noyeha EllliotJackRussel2´╗┐ has the whole match up now.

  5. MGoose66

    @187prettyboy You are right of course,´╗┐ it comes down to split seconds, and it’s bloody hard when you’re on the spot, but as are most decisions in the game. In this case the ref was in a good position to adjudicate a difficult situation and we now know he got it right. Just because a player does not mean to infringe does not relieve him of his responsibilities under the Laws. The offending player had his chance but was not skilful enough this time. That is the way of our game…

  6. 187prettyboy

    @MGoose66 You are sitting at home with the luxury or slow motion replay and pause-freeze. WHen you are on the field, you don’t have that luxury, as soon as there is a hint of touch with the ball you go for the tackle, you only have split second to react, you do´╗┐ not stand and look back at the big screen and think ‘hmm i’ll wait for the replay before I make the tackle because I do not want to get a yellow card’

  7. MGoose66

    @187prettyboy Not true. Pause-Freeze the vid from 0.40 and you can clearly see the tackler impede PRIOR to any cotact with the ball. The Law allows players to touch each other,´╗┐ but not to commence or make a tackle on a player without (prior) possession of the ball. Arguably, it could have been a penalty try.

  8. MGoose66

    @Premixoctane´╗┐ that’s not very mature nor logical!


    These two teams are so young and both experienced semi final losses. I wouldn’t be´╗┐ surprised to see either of these two, if current players are kept, in the next RWC final, or even eventual winners.

  10. Premixoctane

    Fuck australia..WALES IS BEST!´╗┐

  11. 187prettyboy

    What a stupid yellow card. The Aus player did touch it. And knocked it on. Any defender in their right mind would go for the tackle,´╗┐ you do not wait and say ‘did he touch it or not, i’ll just let him score a try and not try tackle him and risk a yello card’?

  12. lioaedw

    what a gr8 last try, footwork, speed, agility but a great pass for shane´╗┐ to get one on one with his opposite number!

  13. MrLoliposa

    shane aint tall but yet deadly

  14. rugbyguy42

    Go the wallabies!!! good try by shane´╗┐ williams on his last game.

  15. mungbean74

    @Noyeha oops I spelt it´╗┐ wrong!

  16. mungbean74

    @Noyeha accrossthetasman should have the game available to download now.
    it’s´╗┐ free and you just need to sign up.
    Go Wallabies and congrats to Shane Williams!!

  17. Kermanchah

    Shane´╗┐ Williams!!! Best rugbymen ever!

  18. TezzyABs2011

    @Noyeha hm….´╗┐ atm there isn’t the whole match to watch, but i guess u can download of torrent website a week or 2, sry

  19. Noyeha

    Do you know where´╗┐ I can find the whole match online? It’s not on iplayer and I wanted to rewatch

  20. akasports1

    Last try is the´╗┐ most wonderful try!

  21. kitcho182

    thanks for uploading! took me ages to find some highlights ´╗┐

  22. Bandyfoz

    All I can´╗┐ say is thank you Shane Williams, you truely deserved that.
    One of THE greatest wingers ever in international rugby. We all love you, Shane!

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