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The best protective rugby head guards

Rugby is a managed aggressive gaming, and ranks large on getting 1 of the most dangerous speak to sports actually. You name it – handling, catching, passing, kicking, tackling and producing a break – there are ample opportunities for injury. To aid minimise bruises and serious injuries, there are a number of protective products that rugby players can put on – these incorporate body protection suits, braces, gloves, mouth guards, tackle fits and head guards.


Protective rugby headgear is important as it helps decrease delicate tissue hurt and acts as a shock absorber to blows on the head. Traditional head guards are acknowledged as scrum caps or ear protectors and are skinny cloth caps with a tiny padding which aids safeguard the player’s ears. Recently, soft padding close to the head has also been introduced to keep the head and brain secure. Nowadays, thanks to technological innovation, cozy, light-weight and cost-effective head guards have been formulated. The International Rugby Board has authorized certain brand names of head guards – only these can be worn in rugby matches. Here are some of the greatest protecting rugby head guards available right now:



adidas Rugby Head guard: This adidas Helmet Professional is renowned for its lightweight safety ratio. It has shock dampening and air circulation and an internal assistance system and adjustable fixation components for convenience and a perfect fit.


Gilbert Xact Rugby Head guard: This headgear has a 3 dimensional match and is fully adaptable providing a superior match. It has strategic air vent sections which boost airflow and minimize out ear sections for improved communication on field. It has a cross lace system and an enhanced adjustable chin strap for convenience.


Kooga Shadow 2 Rugby Head guard: This has been produced for optimum protection and functionality and has a superior fit. It enables optimum breathability and air circulation and has a drawstring at the back again for adjustability.


McDavid Armaflex 3D Rugby Helmet: This head guard allows superb visibility and listening to in addition to protection. It has really great air flow and absorption ability.


Optimum Pulse Head guard: This attributes a hexagonal padding layout, coupled with a Thermal Thinksin human body which keeps you safeguarded, warm, dry and comfortable. It is created to absorb impact, minimizing the influence of a hit.


Puma PowerCat Head guard: Created by Puma, this head guard is produced from EVA foam, spandex fibre and air mesh – for excellent moisture management. It has moulded ear protection with holes and a cozy match.


Samurai Contour Elite Head guard: Created with a hexagonal safety technologies, this head guard is completely breathable and delivers somme protection for people.




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