The Wales Rugby Team or the Wales national Ruby Union Team is the official rugby team that represents Wales. This particular team plays the official international rugby tournaments round the globe. Every year this particular team takes part in six championships that are at different locations. The other teams who compete with this team are England, Ireland, France and Italy. The Wales Rugby Team has won all the Six Nation Championships and has won the title for 24 times. Only England has won the titles for 26times and the Wales team is just in the second category to England.

In 2008, this rugby team won the last championship title. The Rugby World Cup is organized in every four years. This particular rugby team from Wales takes part in every World Cup. The International Rugby Board or IRB has given the Wales team of Rugby. The nickname of the team is Tier One rugby and this particular team is ranked fourth among the other rugby teams around the word. This ranking has been done from the statistical analysis that was made on 9th of October in the year 2001. This nation is famous for the particular sport of Rugby and has got huge fan followings for the particular sport.

The Wales Rugby Team plays the sport with a special jersey. The color of the jersey is red and Prince of Wales’s feathers are embroidered on the particular jersey. Their home stadium is Millennium Stadium. This particular stadium was constructed and opened in the year 1999. Previously the home ground of this team was National Stadium which is situated at Cardiff Arms Park. The players who have played in this particular team have got wonderful records. The names of ten retired Welsh players who have been in this Rugby team are inducted in the list of International Rugby Hall of Fame. Three of the players were inducted to the Hall of Fame in IRB category.

In the year 1850, The Wales Rugby Team was formed. At that time Reverend Rowland Williams was appointed the Vice Principal at the St David’s College which is situated in Lampeter. This particular Vice Principal then introduced the sport of rugby. In the year 1971 Neath which is said to be the first Welsh club was formed. On 19th of February in the year 1881, the Wales Rugby Team played the international match for the first time.