Come on Wales!

2011 Union Rugby Australia v Wales (Full Game) pt.1

Video Score: four / five


  1. photonman666

    Whales! Whales! Bloody big fishes are Whales! They live in the sea! Eat plancton for tea! Oh bloody big fishes are Whales!


    ur a fucking legend man

  3. ginseng1550

    thanks for posting dude!!!! Huge help!!!!

  4. megaibrahim100

    you are a life saver man can you please get the heineken cup matches too?

  5. benrobinsonsings

    Thanks for posting

  6. poikaudi

    thank u very much for postin’ the game. I missed it so didn’t got in with all the action. Thanks

  7. EllliotJackRussel2

    please accept the reply vid

  8. LJTainui

    Thank you so much!

  9. MrOscot5

    Thanks for this…….

  10. busta995

    Nice vid Thanks

  11. TheCraig1374

    Thanks a heap man, I cant afford Fox Sports so this is the only way I can see some of these games so really appreciate it, keep it coming! Cheers.

  12. treenut999

    You LEGNED SKS. Thank you so much for uploading. Will miss Shane Williams on the international scene 🙁 So glad he scored. And what a celebration 🙂 Poetic finish.

    Keep up the wonderful work bro. Rugby One Love.

  13. selekehboy

    Awesome man! Keep it coming full length matches..

  14. bairdey84

    thank you very much for the upload, great match this was

  15. NeighborOfTheBeast89

    You rule!

  16. farlo1

    as usual another excellent upload , cheers fella

  17. stephen111ism


  18. SuperKakashiSenpai

    @EllliotJackRussel2 ok cool

  19. EllliotJackRussel2

    im uploading the bbc match in one vid, your quality is better

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