Come on Wales!

Welsh National Anthem at Wales Rugby

Video Score: 5 / 5


  1. taffyapples02

    Good vid, I was there 2!

  2. Sean Paterson

    Thanks – great game. Just France to beat now. I live in California so it
    was cool to travel to Wales to watch the game. Rare opportunity.

  3. A30ANT36


  4. nzl123

    u spelt wrong welsh national anthem

  5. reddragonrrr

    chuggerboom1, fuck off u american prick

  6. MistaReezo

    Ha ha. Wot the fuck would an American know about British national anthems?
    He probably went to check which part of ‘England’ Wales is in! lol Prick!

  7. ohohjackarmy

    @chuggerboom1 big man.

  8. MrGameMachinima


  9. kieran12k

    i was there

  10. Sean Paterson

    thanks! Fixed it.

  11. Quick2004

    fuck off you twat

  12. rugbymaditd

    @chuggerboom1 OMFG can yu get any more disrespectful? yur either english or
    a fucking yank and i cant stand neither please share wt country yu from??

  13. MrGameMachinima

    Are you Welsh or American? =]

  14. algltd

    Fantasic Atmosphere And What A Game That Was – Being There Made My Year
    Long Live The Welsh!

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