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Wales Rugby Training: Behind The Scenes

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  1. @Geraint961 i believe that was the colour card shown to sam.

  2. watch?v=8SCn3mp_Hrg this should cheer the welsh up!

  3. @IrishDub18 ahaha no.

  4. @Geraint961 lol red card……

  5. @IrishDub18 lol dont worry, you win next t…actually no, no you wont ahahahaha

  6. you… bastards…….

  7. Superjuniorbox15

    October 19, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    rats tail

  8. @MovieMad007 Not sure. But if you have Sky you should be able to get BBC1/2 Wales.

  9. @nrjelley do they have an english version of Scrum V? maybe on one of the Satelite channels?

  10. seen that car today and shane williams AT SHANE WILLIAMS ACADEMY

  11. @nrjelley ah okay thanks

  12. @rugbyking32 its just a segment from the show Scrum V

  13. @CALLINGALLTOLOVE, couldnt agree with you more.. I hate doin fitness though with the boys, its very hard!

  14. any one know what this documentary is called

  15. Looks like they have a good crack abit like Arabian Gulf was.


    October 19, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    7:32 – 7:37… the best sound to the ear…

  17. the narator is shadwell i do belive

  18. Was he speaking Welsh to his mates?

  19. wow nice jag

  20. Wow!!! i love this a real insight to what the boys get up to off the picth…. 😎

  21. Very good film.I like this kind of film.so close the reality

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