Come on Wales!

Wales Grand Slam Winners 2012 HQ

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  1. boss10603

    I know but i mean in the six nations not the five nations or home nations… anyway theres back to back championship wins! 😛

  2. boss10603

    i know but i mean in the six nations only not the five nations or home nations

  3. Penrose Stormhead

    I didnt mean to complain about stuff, i was anaware. I realise they had a fantastic win againt the french today. 6 Nations rugby is getting more popular isnt it.

  4. William Davies

    MrMattyVibes: “Grumble mumble bah humbug…”. It’s just about celebrating the grand-slam mate. 🙂

  5. oscart1godfilled

    best edit ever

  6. Jon Britton

    Actually England are ahead of us on the Grand Slam count by one. They’ve had 12 in total and Wales have had 11. I’d love for Wales to catch up, but those are the stats.

  7. Gwladgarol2611

    Ardderchog hogia.

  8. boss10603

    yes, but that was the only time they one a grand slam in the 6 nations, we’ve one 3 times.

  9. Mattay20

    Its been great watching the change in Wales. From those games when youd get a good half if lucky, to now where you get a fantastic tournement.
    This team has put Wales on the map, Cymru Am Byth

  10. cardigan3000

    suck on it saes

  11. Penrose Stormhead

    Ah okay, thanks for the knowledge. Wish them all continued success in the near future.

  12. Penrose Stormhead

    sorry, I dont follow much rugby – I’m from Norway. I know its a big sport in Britain, I thought England were more dominant, I suppose times have changed, I should get more facts about stuff before jumping in with big mouth.

  13. steakhausmeister

    where have you been for the last 10 years?

  14. evsupp2011

    Clocks went forward an hour the other week …. think yours needs to go forward about TEN YEARS … Cymru am Byth

  15. MrEdoD23

    Well done.. and bright future… respects from celtic neighbours ireland

  16. ilai raka

    nicely done …amazing!!!!!!

  17. Joo E

    no, not one grand slam for wales, it has been 3 grand slams for wales since 2005. since england won a grand slam and the world cup in 2003 theyve not done much else, apart from the 2011 6 nations title.. but theres a big difference between winning the title and doing it grand slam style imo, which wales did in 2005, 2008 and 2012.. i think its an impressive achievement for a young side

  18. Sal Migondis

    And what in f*ck’s name has this got to do with Wales.. or rugby even..? Yeah.. rugbydump, that’s what these idiots call themselves.

  19. Aron J

    The Welsh rugby team is improving, quickly. We are one step behind England in the world rankings (5th) it is very close. We weren’t playing at our finest in the rugby match against England, when England was struggling, and we still managed to win. You will know when they play at their best. George North is going to fuck. People. Up.

  20. TheHarderSoundzUK

    Thanks 🙂

  21. Pablo Alcázar

    this is amazing, it’s a very goood video

  22. dragonblade572


  23. FracturedUnion71

    So with the latest technology, looking at the try from all possible angles the video ref and the viewing public, we all ignored his and our findings corrupted himself and us into believing it wasn’t a try in order to what, sleight the English team and fans, when healthy cynicism turns to rampant paranoia.

  24. dartmoordog

    Congratulations Wales, very worthy Grand Slam winners. If you had not been cheated out of it, you would be World Champions as well. The best team in the world at the moment. From an England fan.

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