Shane Williams has been in the news all week for the performance he put in for Glenswilly GAA. Being part of the Welsh rugby team, this performance saw him put the Glenswilly team at an advantageous position. It is not often that a team’s player stands out in the news for the performance he puts in for another team. Shane Williams’ performance also stands out as he played for a football club and not for a rugby one. This was another stunning example that has not often come across.

Williams received a lot of praises from the international audience. Many experts are talking about the magical display of talents that he put up despite tough weather conditions for the Gaelic football club. Many described him to be determined and committed as he stayed focused on the ball despite blizzard like conditions that prevailed during the game. The praises were more for the lad as he played a game that he does not play normally and that too at 40 years of age.

Experts felt that he did not take long to adapt to the football playing field. Given his age, he trained and conditioned with the younger players for the game and many feel that he helped the team to victory. This showcases the kind of fitness and form the rugby player has, courtesy his training at the Wales Rugby team. Hence, his ability to perform and add to the team was found linked to his training and years of playing at the rugby club.

The tough form and committed focus of the player was typical of the rugby games he plays. His playing abilities have definitely put the Wales Rugby team on focus, especially as he played in a blizzard and chipped in about four points for the teammates who were thus able to defeat the Convoy team.