Come on Wales!

Hitler – Welsh Grand Slam 2012

Movie Ranking: four / 5


  1. SSEF15

    @UserOfCommonSense Bu dum pum tsss

  2. ShaneWilliamsHitler

    I live down the road from there. Don’t goto Ponty anymore goto the Mynydd Mawr park thing in Tumble. Gotta watch out or gangs of chavs in Tumble so I am going to get a Hummer van with a chav snow plough!

  3. Paul James

    Funny as fuck pontyberem comment, you should visit cefneithin rfc, clean off !!

  4. ruthieannax


  5. ShaneWilliamsHitler

    Where ru from?

  6. ruthieannax

    Im not from there. That is a huge insult to me and my family D: Bridgend shoul be called shitend

  7. ShaneWilliamsHitler

    said like a true Bridgend girl!

  8. ruthieannax

    Make one about Bridgend chavs and I will suck your cock for ever

  9. ShaneWilliamsHitler

    There will be a new video for the upcoming Australia tour…

  10. justinrhys

    Tidy that…..

  11. cydniem13

    I wanna know what happened next…

  12. ShaneWilliamsHitler

    Thank you for appreciating it hahaha!

  13. scottchubb2012

    Funniest thing ive seen in my life and im from the rhondda

  14. yippitydodah

    Mein Fuhrer, japanese u-boats have been sunk off the Philipines, Emporer Hiroshima has cofirmed. Fuhrer, how can we now possible stop Wales sailing into Ozland and fucking those australian blondes? Nige the ref has even the blokes lined up.

  15. UserOfCommonSense

    1:56 — i might’ve guessed Hitler would know of a good camp in Poland.

  16. yippitydodah

    or should I say…

    Mein Fuhrer, six people that have watched this vid are obviously sais.
    ACH! Lancaster can go and screw his own benol, the cont!

  17. mikethefoto

    Absolutely F****n priceless.
    Oscar on its way.

  18. ShaneWilliamsHitler

    More coming soon

  19. yippitydodah

    Mein Fuhrer, six people that have watched this vid are obviously commies.
    ACH! Stalin can go and screw his own arsehole, the schizzer!

  20. yippitydodah

    Mein fuhrer, the ozzies, they are defenceless aginst the Welsh. WHAT CAN WE DO, mein fuhrer?
    What is David Campese’s phone number again, Goebells

  21. wellard67

    Brilliant! More please!!!!!

  22. lefkimi

    epic. should do well in the cannes film festival

  23. yippitydodah

    But if you are making up coming movies butt, I have a name for one, ” The Taffy Jobbie”

  24. yippitydodah

    “Sex in the Valley” is a classic, originally by Jimbo. Tidy darts it is.

  25. jhhvideoteach

    Hi there. Funny movie! Could you tell me what method you used to hard encode the subtitles?

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