The 35 years old Paul O’Connell, the captain of the Irish team, thinks that Wales Rugby Team will be a very tough team for them to beat. Whether or not the Irish team manages to defeat the Welsh team will determine whether or not the Irish team will be able to win the Grand Slam.

Ireland Rugby Team’s last Grand Slam win happened six years ago. This year the Irish team does have a chance of winning the Grand Slam. Earlier, they managed to defeat the England National Rugby Union team. For England, the defeat was a humiliating one as they were considered to be the favourite before the match. The Irish team managed to score 19 points in that match while the score of the English team stood at 9. Paul O’Connell has said that he holds the England National Rugby team in high regard and he is indeed very happy at the fact that they have been able to defeat that team.

The Welsh Rugby Team also has the chance of becoming the winner of the 2015 Six Nations Rugby Champions title. The Wales National Rugby Union Team managed to defeat the French National Rugby Union Team in Paris and the Irish Captain is of the opinion that the contest between them and the Welsh team scheduled to take place on 14th of March this year at Millennium Stadium which is located in the capital of Wales, Cardiff.

Paul O’Connell also thinks that the match between them and the Wales team is likely to be very much challenging for them unlike any match they ever played. He has also said that playing a match away from home is indeed tough. He said that the Welsh team defeating the French team in Paris has put them one step closer to winning the Six Nations Rugby and therefore the team is likely to present the Irish team with a very tough challenge in the upcoming match.